I train and support leaders and organizations in inclusion, equality and diversity

Why and how a diverse and inclusive leadership and workplace where people can be
their whole selves
 is key for innovation and business growth.

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Never before has it been clearer that an organization that is truly inclusive, equitable and diverse, will be better equipped to create a sustainable work environment and being a relevant and attractive employer for talent, customers and other key stakeholders. More and more research shows that a diverse and inclusive workplace with different competences and perspectives is a strong contributor to innovation and creativity, improved decision making, higher engagement, employer brand attraction and increased business growth.

This requires an inclusive leadership, a defined strategy in line with the overall business plan, ambitious targets and supporting structures and processes in place. 

I train and develop leaders and organizations who want to build awareness and competence, providing the tools and methods to increase and fully utilize the benefits of diversity and in creating an equitable and inclusive work environment where all employees can unleash their full potential.


Consultancy support

I act as a sounding board or strategic support in your DEI work. Examples of assignments: Designing a non-biased recruitment process, creating inclusive leadership programs or setting and implementing a successful inclusion and diversity strategy.

Inspirational session

On your leadership off-site, the team day or for larger groups. Introduction to inclusion, equality and diversity or deep dive on a specific topic;  Unconscious Bias or how to create an LGBTQI+ - inclusive workplace.

Inclusive leadership training

Workshop, half-or full day for leaders with a focus on why, what but above all how we raise awareness and make Inclusion, Equity and Diversity become concrete actions. Concepts, research and facts are mixed with current trends and examples, personal experiences and hands-on exercises where participants get easy tools and methods to use in their daily work.

Jonas Fyhr, HR Director GKN Aerospace Sweden

"We invited Katarina Matson to GKN Aerospace Sweden and she held four workshops for our leaders. In an informative, authentic and challenging way, she helped us become even better at diversity and inclusion. 
Thank you Katarina for your commitment to this important issue!"

Mariana Johansson, Sr HR Specialist Denso Sweden 

"A big big thank you to Katarina who took the time to come to us and hold a really good seminar with so many wise thoughts and important content. I can warmly recommend Katarina for all types of assignments regarding Diversity & Inclusion - professional, responsive and knowledgeable!"